Calmer Sutra Tea Tasting

Finally, a moment from my studies–my apologies for the hiatus. I went home this weekend, thankful for a break from school so I could focus on tea. Coming home from school for a weekend always has its benefits; one of them is improved photography with the variety of tea ware, better lighting, and more space.

Recently I received a few samples from Calmer Sutra Tea, based in Brooklyn, New York (originating from Melbourne, Australia). Thankful for the opportunity to try a new tea, I’ve decided to share my tasting.

After tearing open my package, I found three teas: Floral Fields Tisane (Chamomile), Peppermyntle Tisane (Peppermint), and their signature chai, Spiced Masala Tea.

From left to right: Chamomile, peppermint, chai
From left to right: chamomile, peppermint, chai


Floral Fields Tisane

Floral Fields Tisane is a chamomile tea with hints of rose petals and lavender. Other than looking delicate with pink rose petals and bits of lavender added to the chamomile flowers, this herbal tea actually smells floral too.  I added a couple of teaspoons to my infuser and let it steep for about five minutes. Go ahead and let it steep longer for enhanced flavor. Like any chamomile tea, this tea is caffeine-free, good for right before bed (when I tried it actually), or if you just need a moment to yourself.

Peppermyntle Tisane

Peppermyntle Tisane is an herbal peppermint tea with lemon myrtle and subtle citrus notes. Before even drinking this tea, smell it. This is the perfect tea if you’re feeling under the weather– one sniff and it clears your sinuses (and not in a wasabi way). The first sip is immediately invigorating. It floods the mouth and nasal passage, leaving a lingering clean feeling on your tongue.

Spiced Masala Tea with milk

Finally, Spiced Masala Tea, Calmer Sutra’s signature chai. The chai was much different than what I am used to, though I’m no chai expert. The leaves were wet, because it is infused with honey (please keep refrigerated after opening). The smell reminded me of warm, soft gingerbread cookies. It is an infusion of black tea, with Indian spices like cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, and ginger root, and is perfect for cold weather. I tried it both with and without milk. As a chai latte it’s creamy with accents of honey (without adding any extra), cinnamon, nutmeg, and black tea.

Spiced Masala Tea without milk

Usually when I try tea I add nothing to it, so I had a second cup without milk to get a better idea of how the tea tastes, hoping to catch the ginger highlights from the ginger root that the milk might have masked (or I just didn’t brew it correctly). The spices were much more pungent. I think this tea would compliment a big bowl of oatmeal, either as a drink on the side or brewed with the oats for a chai oatmeal.

Stay warm and hopefully spring weather is sooner than we think! Until then, brew yourself a hot pot of tea.



Disclaimer: Calmer Sutra Tea provided me with complimentary tea samples but did not ask for a review.