Qterra NOVO: A portable tea experience

I can’t speak for all tea lovers and enthusiasts out there, but I’m pretty sure it’s a universal truth that people associate brewing their favorite tea with moments of peace, relaxation, and presence. Having moments like these are important for our wellness, so what if we could capture these moments and release them during our commute, on a walk, a bus ride, a subway, in class, or at work?

Pierre Baston has proven that we can take these moments with us when we leave home. He is the inventor of the Qterra NOVO, a multi-steep travel tea brewer. Unlike a tea bag in a thermos, the NOVO brews tea leaves multiple times, releasing full flavor with each sip. Simply place your favorite tea in the bottom of the NOVO and fill the top with the appropriate temperature of water needed for the tea and you’re ready to go. This portable tea experience is spill proof and you won’t have to wait to drink your tea with Qterra’s CoolStraw technology, which cools the tea to 140°F when you’re ready to sip.

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Photo courtesy of Pierre Baston.


Pierre’s Kickstarter team includes Andrew Serbinski, an industrial designer, Tom Krol, an electrical designer/assembly manager, and Alexis Siemons, a tea consultant. This group of talented, creative individuals hope to gain funding by January 2015 to begin production later in the year. (I’m already thinking about a moroccan mint blend to brew)

An avid traveler, Pierre visited places like Argentina and China, where he fell in love with the practice of brewing tea.

“I’ve tossed a tea bag in a cup of hot water before, but I learned the appreciation of really taking your time and going through a ritual in order to arrive not only at great flavor, but also kind of meditative tranquil peace.”

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Photo courtesy of Pierre Baston.


Because of his love of Argentine mate and fascination with China’s gongfu tea ceremony, he wanted to find a simpler way for people to not only take quality tea on the go, but also that feeling of tranquility that comes with steeping loose leaf tea.

“Instead of trying to rush through certain parts of our lives in order to get to other moments that we value, I believe that we’d be happier if we could enjoy each moment no matter what we are doing.” Pierre said, “I know for tea lovers, if we could inject more moments in the day, we could stop and have a flavor that really brings a smile to our faces.”

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Photo courtesy of Pierre Baston.


Pierre believes that times like commuting to work, or “dead time”–time that we usually just try to get through or deal with–can be transformed with the NOVO, bringing us into that moment to, as he says, “brew and taste and respond emotionally to our favorite teas.”

Traveling and witnessing people struggle with thermoses  of mate and tea fueled his passion to create the NOVO and gather a team to set it into motion. He told me, “I don’t want people who want to take tea with them during the course of the day to have to settle for a tea bag in a travel mug and just accept that. [I want them to] actually have their favorite kind of tea, their favorite blend, their own blend that they put together, and I want them to be able to brew that tea multiple times and enjoy how the flavor changes from one steeping to the next. I want them to have the finest tea tasting experience that is possible to have outside of their home and I want to bring that quality to everyone’s life so that there will be one more bright spot in the day rather than just an okay moment that they tolerated.”

Photo courtesy of Pierre Baston.


For more information and to support the Qterra NOVO Travel Tea Brewer with CoolStraw technology, please visit their Kickstarter page.

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