The Random Tea Room

My roommate and I ventured into Northern Liberties this weekend for a specific purpose: to drink amazing tea. I’ve been waiting for a weekend where I could get to the Random Tea Room and Curiosity Shop. I’ve been blogging since the beginning of the semester and since then I’ve had some time to build a wish list of places to visit. So far I’ve hit every one, now including the Random Tea Room.

Having tea here was like having tea in a friend’s living room. We were welcomed in upon entry and as soon as I absorbed my surroundings I realized this was different from any cafe or tea room I’ve been in before. From the mismatched furniture to the unique teacups, we could tell that Random Tea Room is very personal and full of character.


The Random Tea Room’s international loose tea collection includes black teas of Sri Lanka & Assam, caffeine-free tisanes, Chinese red and white teas, Darjeeling, herbal infusions, house blends, Japanese teas, Oolong and more. Customers are welcomed to smell each tea before they try it, and ask for blends of their favorites.

Chai Oats, atop the food menu, is an oatmeal-like cereal surrounded by chai and topped with chocolate shavings. This is perfectly paired with King’s Tea, a nutty Oolong tea infused with ginseng. This was my first experience with oolong tea and I really enjoyed it. There will be King’s Tea in my future.

The description in the menu of King’s Tea is right on point:

“Our darkest, nuttiest Oolong, the King’s Tea is infused with ginseng, lending its already rich character a sweet finish. It is uncanny: the more you drink, the sweeter the air you inhale becomes. Plainly, King’s Tea offers an unrivalled flavor sensation, and due to this quality, it is steadfastly pursued by its devotees once they’ve discovered it.”


In the warmer months, the Random Tea Room has outdoor seating in the back for various events.

But tea is not the only source of wellness Random Tea Room offers. If customers are in need of serious stress relief, the Random Tea Room offers massage therapy, truly promoting wellness of the whole being. Their massage therapists offer deep tissue, sports injury and Swedish massages. When I think of pairings of tea I usually think of food, but a massage takes tea pairings to a whole new level of stress relief.

This is the tea culture I love to see; people with the purpose to help other people by promoting wellness through a good cup of tea and relaxing environment.

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment! You’ve got to go next time you’re here! Trust me it will be worth the trip- ten times over!

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