I have experience developing website content, supporting a consistent brand voice, writing blog posts, and developing product descriptions, to name a few.


Editing reaches far beyond proofreading. Of course, there’s the simple scan over some copy to make sure it’s grammatically correct. But then there are some opportunities to recreate some copy, or better yet, the chance to review and give suggestions to a fellow writer.

Feature Stories

Capturing the essence of someone and transcribing it into words requires true craftsmanship. Interviewing people, sharing their stories, their missions, their dreams, and piecing together a narrative is a delicate process and one of the most thirlling and challenging parts of my work.

Social Media Management

Managing social isn’t easy. It takes lots of time, dedication, and consistency. And quite a bit of wit – but it’s always rewarding to create posts and engage with people who subscribe to and/or follow a brand.

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